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RION Thermal Winter Cycling Pants

Size Guide


Material: Spandex

Material: nylon

Material: Stretch & Spandex

Material: Polyester

Item Type: Full Length

Closure Type: Elastic Waist

Brand Name: RION


RION Cycling Pants/Winter Thermal Fleece Cycling Pants


-Size: S / M / L / XL / 2XL (EU Size)


-Fabric: 51% polyamide/ 28% polyester/ 21% spandex


-4-way elasticity for supportive stretch reduces muscle vibration and focuses power for optimal comfort and control.

-Race-leading ergonomic fit with 3D stitching for excellent friction reduction. Quick-drying, antibacterial and self wicking with extremely breathable membrane on the back knees.


-The sweat of the lower back area is conducted through the R-AirMesh System to the tailbone for evaporation.


-4cm wide and soft waist elastic and no straps provides cooling comfort and secure on hot or cool days and during intense training sessions, as well as convenience when changing quickly.


-Laser-cut T25 elasticized compression band gripper to keep hem in place. YKK ankle zippers for easy off and on.


- Reflective patches on the thigh and ankle for low-light visibility.


-Optional Cushions:


1. Pad 1: RIPAD-046: For 6 Hours Riding

2. Upgraded Pad 2:PARIS HP MEN-Elastic Interface®: For7 Hours+Riding




-Quick Dry




-UV Protection



a: R-AirMesh system for evaportation

b: 4-way elasticity for supportive stretch, Quick-dry, antibacterial, self wicking

c: RIPAD-046 all-arount antomic air chamois

d: Breathable membrane

e: High quality zippers and reflective patches

f: Laser-cut T25 elasticized compression band gripper

Optional Cushions


PAD 1: RIPAD-046

-All-around anatomic air chamois offers comfort, support and moisture management from 2 densities and 2 different thicknesses of perforated foam built with a softer lining and higher density

-For 6 Hours Riding


PAD2: PARIS HP MEN-Elastic Interface®

-PARIS HP MEN has ultra-high density inserts in the perineal and ischiatic area that make it perfect for road and off road activities. The central channel is engineered according to specific anthropometrical measurements to support male anatomy while in saddle, reliving pressure from the prostate and favoring blood flow. PARIS HP MEN combines the benefit of the multidirectional curvature with a smooth surface; these two specifications work together for perfect fit, increasing saddle stability and offering gradual areas of transition. The perforations on the surface allow for higher air permeability, resulting in lower skin temperature and reduced moisture. The ECO Carbonium Flash top fabric combines a special channel structure with the natural antistatic and bacteriostatic properties of the Carbonium thread. With the channel structure, the extremely soft and recycled polyamide helps collect, canalize and expel moisture. Rapid-drying and eco-friendly.

Main Features:

-Extra Long-Distance Riding: Fit for over 7 hours cycling


-Cushion Measures: 380 x 220 mm



STYLE 1 : RIPAD-046Without Thermal Fleece



STYLE 2 : RIPAD-046 + Winter Thermal Fleece


STYLE 3 : Paris Hp Men+ Winter Thermal Fleece

◆The men's cycling tights are mid-weight, suitable for 8°C above and deliver water-shedding performance to keep you comfortable and dry.

◆Using high performance fabrics, advanced technologies and robust construction methods, RION STEED garments are suitable for energetic and sustained efforts.

◆A dual density foam construction is used for varied cushioning in the area's where more force is placed on the sit bones. This gives added pressure relief, without bulk, and additional flexibility. The elasticity of the pad allows it to flex when you pedal for superior freedom of movement and to help reduce friction on the inner thigh. The addition of a perforated layer offers improved airflow for enhanced breathability and moisture management.