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X-TIGER Heated Vest

Size Guide




heating jacket: heating vest

Material Technology: power stretch

Material: Polyester

Feature: Thermal

Feature: Thermal,Windproof,waterproof,Pockets

Brand Name: X-TIGER



Please use mobile power. At the same time, our products do not include mobile power


Power supplied only by 5V 2A. It can only be washed by hand.

Instructions for controller

Hight-Temperature: Red

Medium-Temperature: White

Low-Temperature: Blue

Instructions for use:

1.Take out the USB plug and connect it with a power bank by 5V 2A (Not Included Mobile Power),

2.Long press the switch for three seconds, the red light is on, it neans the heating pads are gradually warming up as the high-temperature mode.You can also change it into medium and low temperature by pressing the switch.

3.Long press the confroller for three seconds,then the vest will stop heating.

4.If the heating vest stops working after heating for a period of tine,please check whether the power bank supply is dead or the connection is loose.

How to use:

1.Full charge the power bank,connect it with the USB plug in the pocket

2.Put connected power bank into the pocket and zip up